Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer Review

Honeywell RCA900N1008/NNeed a Honeywell voltage transformer? Want the best Honeywell voltage transformer? Are you looking for the step-down transformer of Honeywell? If yes, then you are landing in the right place. Today we are going to share with all of our fan & followers with the amazing product and that’s is Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer. If you are looking for such product for your doorbell then it is the best solution for you. The product is best for you if you want to step down the voltage of your doorbell up to 16V and want to make the doorbell a lot louder than before.

In your home, if you have the wired doorbell then this step-down transformer will help you a lot to reduce the consumption of energy. The Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer is totally applicable to the wired doorbells and pushes. The featured on which this ultimate device relies upon is the impressive output of 16V AC (Alternating Current) 10AV from the standard input of 120V AC 60Hz. The step-down transformer is used to reduce the voltage and increase the efficiency.

The Honeywell RCA900N is undoubtedly amazing and versatile. The working of this amazing product is exceptionally well with each and every single Honeywell wired doorbells. Honeywell is the name on which you can really rely. They are really the innovator in creating the amazing and astonishing products with high efficiency and flexibility. So don’t wait for any more if you want the best step down transformer for your wired Honeywell chines then this is the best solution for you.You can also go through from the wide range of Honeywell doorbells or you can pick your desired wireless doorbell brand for favorite pick.

Features of Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer

The Honeywell RCA900N1008 Transformer is one of the best and amazing products. The appealing feature of this product is that it is totally compatible with all of Honeywell Wired Chimes. But not only have this it also consisted of some other appealing features. Let’s have a deep insight and quick review of the features offered by this device.

  • The device is one of the best and incredible step down transformer.
  • Compatible to work with all the wired doorbells of the Honeywell.
  • Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer has 16V AC 10 VA output.
  • With the 120V AC 60Hz input the device will return 16V Low Voltage.
  • Comes with complete instruction manual.
  • Super easy to install with the Honeywell doorbells.
  • The manufacturer offers the 1 year warranty.

Technical Specification of Honeywell RCA900N1008

If you want to know more about the technical and general specification of the Honeywell RCA900N1008 then here it is.

Weight of RCA900N 12 Ounces
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x3.5 Inches
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model Number RCA900N1008
Buyers Rating 4.1 out of 5
Brand Honeywell


Final Verdict

If you are fed up with your old transformer because of providing not enough power to your wired chime? Then Honeywell RCA900N1008/N 16V Low Voltage Transformer is the best solution for you. The device is highly recommended. The above review of the device clearly defined the device is really worthy to grab. The features are really appealing and attractive. The best Honeywell Step down transformer for all the best wireless Honeywell doorbells.



  • Best Step down transformer to reduce the input voltage into 16V.
  • Worked with all wired doorbells of Honeywell.
  • Super easy to install.
  • Complete user instruction manual is available with in the box.
  • Positive rating from most of the users.
  • Supply enough power to complete the job
  • Some user’s complaints about the attachment of the transformer with the box.

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