Honeywell RPWL400W2000 Push Button/a Series 3, 5, 9 Wireless Doorbells Review

Honeywell RPWL400W2000There are several reasons for you to land on this webpage. Might be you have the 3, 5, or 9 Wireless Doorbells of Honeywell and looking for the compatible push buttons for them. Or your old push button gets faulty and you want the brand new one. Whatever the reason you might have but you are landed at the right place. If you searching the internet the best push button with the wide range of compatibility feature with the Honeywell wireless doorbells then your search end here mate. Today we are going to review one of the top best Honeywell wireless doorbells push buttons for you. Will this review help you to decide either you should grab it or not? Is it ideal for you or not?  What are features this push button comprises of? All of these under one roof. Let’s have a deep insight and try to find out the answers of all of the above-mentioned question.

The Honeywell RPWL400W2000 push button is top-leading and top-rated push button in terms of the versatility, performance and compact design. The device is readily available in the market for you. The selection of the Honeywell’s Wireless Doorbell push buttons is really easy to install and accessible. You just have to unbox the package and doorbell button is ready to use. There is no rocket science involved in the installation of this device. Moreover, the Honeywell RPWL400W2000 is compatible with the Honeywell series 3, 5, and 9. Moreover, it also consists of the LED for the purpose of providing continuous feedback. It is also complete weather resistant.

The Honeywell claims the battery is capable of performing for a long time. The device is capable to perform without replacing the old battery for 5-years. The device is readily available in the market in 2 different colors white and black. You can choose any one of them but white is highly recommended. So, what are you waiting for? Honeywell RPWL400W2000 push button is the ideal device for you to grab on and never miss any delivery and guest. You can also go through from the wide range of Honeywell doorbells or you can pick your desired wireless doorbell brand for favorite pick.

Features of Honeywell RPWL400W2000

The Honeywell RPWL400W2000 Push button is one of the top leading device which has been newly entered in the market. The devices consist of the premium features. Let’s have a quick and deep insight looks of the features offered by this incredible device.

  • The device is capable to work with the Honeywell Wireless Doorbells series. It support the following series.
    • Honeywell Wireless Doorbells series 3
    • Honeywell Wireless Doorbells series 5
    • Honeywell Wireless Doorbells series 9
  • The device is equipped with the wireless “E” compatibility for many doorbells.
  • It consist of LEDs for consistent feedback. LED will also help the person having low hearing power.
  • The device is fully weather Resistant. No need to be worried of rains and other weather conditions. It ensures the Weather safety.
  • The Honeywell RPWL400W2000 is available in 2 different colors.
    • White (Highly Recommended).
  • The push button is easy to mount on walls surface.
  • The vendor offers the long life of battery. To be Exact they offer for 5-year. The battery is CR2032.
  • The signals propagated by this Honeywell RPWL400W2000 is individually coded. No need to be afraid of signal interference. We ensured you that it will avoid the signals interference of other devices.
  • The device consist of the Honeywell ActiveLink for the proper connectivity with the portable doorbell.
  • The device consist of the complete mounting kit.
    • Brackets for mounting.
    • Adhesive Strips.


Here are some detailed specifications of the Honeywell RPWL400W2000 Push Button.

Brand Honey Well
Product RPWL400W2000 Push Button
Product Type Doorbells push button
Available Colors ü  Black

ü  White

Material Plastic
Device Supported Honeywell Doorbells series 3, 5, & 9
Dimensions ü  Width = 1.2

ü  Height = 2.8

ü  Depth = 0.6

Manufacturer Honeywell


Final Verdicts:

We have clearly reviewed the Honeywell RPWL400W2000 Push Button in front of you and apparently, there is no disadvantage of this device. And it is not wrong to say that you don’t have any appropriate reason to left it and move ahead. The device is highly recommended due to its highly compact nature. So don’t wait anymore and mount it on the wall of your of home for guests and delivery man.



  • Great Amazon reviews
  • Compatible with 3 major series doorbells of Honeywell.
  • Complete weather resistant.
  • Long battery life.
  • Highly affordable due to the low price tags.
  • Apparently no cons of such incredible device.

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