Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless Video Doorbell in Venetian, Works with Alexa Review

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless Video Doorbell in VenetianThe ring is the top-rated and top-leading company serving the best wireless doorbell for years. They work with aim of reducing crime in the society. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Venetian Bronze put the extra security of your home. Rings is offering the maximum safety and security for your family from the thieves, intruders and many other unauthorized and unwanted visitors.

With the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless video Doorbell in Venetian Bronze never miss any delivery and guest. The device also works completely with the Alexa. Having the device which works with Alexa device meaning that you are at home no matter if you are halfway around the world. Yes, you can answer to the visitor at the door while staying any corner of the home or actually with the Ring official Android, iOS, Mac and PC applications you can answer the visitors from any place. With the application, you can also speak, hear and see the visitor at your door.

The device will also notify you at the time of pushing the doorbell button or if the motion sensors of the device are triggered. With the application, you can also watch the HD Video of the visitor. With the cloud video recording 30-days trial, you can watch the on-demand recording of your own device. To sum up all, the device is one of the best and top leading device in the market with the low price tag. See more ring wifi wireless doorbells or go through all the best wireless doorbell brands to pick your desired one.

Features of the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless Video Doorbell in Venetian

  • This Ring device works with the Alexa.
  • With this device you can see, hear and speak with the guests at the door with the help of your smartphone, PC or tablet
  • Get notify on your smart device when any guest pushes the button of your doorbell or even the motion sensors get triggered.
  • The device support the High Quality video streaming on demand.
  • Get the live video of your device and watch your property by staying away.
  • Get the lifetime purchase protection of your doorbell. In case the device get stolen we will replace it for free.
  • Support Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PCs Application for 24/7 monitoring.
  • For the night vision the device consists of the non-visible infrared lights which provide the pure black and white image of your video.

Final Verdicts

This is the era of technology and Ring is offering the top-leading and top-rated Wireless video doorbells. The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell in Venetian has lots of features which make it stand out among the other products of the same class. These features lead to the positive rating of the device. If you are the security conscious for your family and home then must have this device installed in your home.



  • The device is highly affordable and flexible to use.
  • The device consists of multiple ringtones.
  • Support Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows PC.
  • The device comes up with the 30-days trial account for the cloud video recording.
  • The device is very easy and simple to install.
  • Compatible to work with the Alexa for the voice control.
  • Few complaints about the app. Slow loading speed.


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