Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review [Editor’s Choice 2019 Top Pick]

This smart doorbell ditches the wires and plugs right into your phone.

Editor’s Choice: 2019 Top Pick

When the Ring Video Doorbell 2 came onto the market, many asked what’s the difference between the Ring Doorbell and other wireless doorbells?

Like many users, we wondered what’s all the fuss about this cool new wireless doorbell from Ring? Luckily, as testers, we had the benefit of finding out. While the Ring Video Doorbell 2 does add a few new tech upgrades, the noteworthy change is much bigger. In it’s new version the Ring Doorbell 2 boasts a long lasting rechargeable battery meaning the days of video intercoms requiring wires is done.

For the longest time, modest apartment and homeowners like ourselves could never afford  wireless doorbell, front-door intercom, wi-fi connected video doorbell, or anything like what you see in the movies. Although wireless doorbells have come down in price, to get all of the above required hard-wiring and a chunk out of your wallet.

It’s this reason the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell is one of our Editor’s Choice Top Picks for 2019.

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Best Ring Wi-Fi Doorbells

Once you’ve come to the conclusion you can have the convenience of like your flat-dwelling no matter where you live, you need to answer 2 key questions; (1) what’s the difference between wired vs. wireless doorbell and more importantly (2) what amount of time & money do I want to dedicated to upgrading to a wireless doorbell?

For most shoppers, the answer to these 2 questions used to significantly hinder the quality of wireless doorbell they’d be able to get. Well welcome to 2019 wireless doorbells everyone!

The Ring Wi-Fi Video Enabled Wireless Doorbell presents high tech at an affordable price for most homeowners, business owners or renters.

While the price is hard to beat (especially with our limited time amazon deal here), we found that setting the Ring Video Doorbell 2 up to be pretty straightforward: charge the removable and rechargeable battery with a microUSB cable, screw it into the wall and slot in the battery pack. In the box is a masonry drill bit, screws and wall plugs. There are also two different mounting plates, which can angle the doorbell up, down, left, right or a combination of two to give it a better view of the door. We didn’t need them and after 3 minutes, things were set up!

A Truly Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbells mean smart phones and the Ring app is no dummy. Sync the Ring app to the doorbell and your wifi network and you are good to go. In case this doesn’t work you can use the doorbell to the chime and the chime to the router – and within a few minutes you’ve got your doorbell up and working. A nice back up option as we know technology usually fails.

Color Options

For those wanting color options, the Ring VideoDoorbell 2 comes with the choice of all-black or a black and silver look to the doorbell with a removable faceplate, and a security screw to keep the battery in place protecting access to the mounting screws.

While we did tout the wireless doorbell aspect of this smart doorbell, you can also wire it to an existing chime if you prefer.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Our Experience Testing The Ring Video Doorbell

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The Ring Doorbell monitors movement within a pre-defined area alerting you when someone walks near your door but doesn’t press the doorbell. Surprisingly, this was quickly turned off (given the location of our Ring Doorbell on a busy street).

If someone calls or rings the doorbell, a ring around the button lights-up, the doorbell emits a ring tone and an alert pops up on your phone. Ring 2 updates include the option to attach a chime that will also ring at the same time.


We found there to be no lag between pushing the button / the chime and alert going off. Tapping on the alert takes you to a view from the camera with the option to decline or answer. Answering allows you to speak through the doorbell to the caller, which works surprisingly well. You have to speak up a bit for them to hear you, but you can hear them as clear as day, even on a noisy street.

Access to the doorbell can be shared with multiple people, with their own separate Ring accounts, which means everyone can get alerted when there’s someone at the door.

Overall, this felt to us like a truly smart doorbell and it’s why we choose it as one of The Editor’s Choice 2019 Picks. The Ring Wi-Fi Video Enabled wireless doorbell is affordable, versatile, easy to set up and offers all the features of the most expensive wireless doorbells or video intercom systems.


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  • Color options
  • The video technology is best in class
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to install



  • One of the more expensive wireless doorbells. But you pay for quality (and for a doorbell that will last)


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